NARIA is and contains 4 brilliant voices whose vocal prowess and original compositions features opera, pop, techno and world music with classical high notes while exhibiting their intimate personal style. While "aria" refers to the show-stopping moment in an opera, the "n" stands for "the north" -- NARIA is proudly Canadian.

Created in the Fall of 2010, with professional opera singer Katya Tchoubar at the helm, it didn't take long for 1 to become 4 with the addition of fellow opera talents Anna Bateman and Michelle Danese with the group rounded out by pop sensation Annaliese Jelilian - thus NARIA was born. Since then they have already established NARIA to be one of the most exciting opera pop crossover groups to hit the musical scene. Their fan base is growing substantially and recently got to #1 spot in Reverbnation Classical charts in Canada and to # 30 the world.
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over 30 days ago to NARIA

Just stopped in to check out some of the work available on your page.

Gotta say I'm really digging the cinematic and opera qualities in your productions here.

Katerina & Verdi seem like they'd be a blast to work on an instrumental with.

Great work. Hope your productions are doing well in the market. You've got a fan over this way for sure.

What are you working on these days?


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over 30 days ago

Also... I found it odd that a group featuring four vocalist would throw an instrumental up for their first two tracks.

Would you mind discussing your thought process there?

As an instrumental producer (primarily, I do a lot of vocal work, but not nearly as much as I do instrumental), I immediately loved your instrumentals... and that says a lot when I'm like "Very very nice. Smooth."

And then BAM!!! I read your bio and it totally didn't stop there.


So I was forced to compare your instrumentals to the full fledged versions.

That must be a tough dilemma. Being the creator of so much and then deciding what's more marketable.

I think both versions are... But those instrumentals are versatile as all heck.

Great cinematic work.


over 30 days ago

Dear Nathaniel,

Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate you talking your time - listening and evaluating our music.

As a promoter of NARIA, I only recently opened an account here. I wasn't sure what is more important: to represent NARIA in a right way or to try getting a potential synk with or without vocals.

I will try to move the instrumental to be lower on the list though, thank for the suggestion.

Have a great day,

Katya from NARIA

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over 30 days ago

Its all valuable...

Was more of a question than an observation.


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over 30 days ago

As an instrumentalist... I love a great production that doesn't need vocals.

To hear music evoke emotion through sound... Not words... Well, its magical.

You did well in capturing that in the instrumentations.


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