A powerful delivery with the sound and feel of classic Soul, Blues and Jazz Mike Tyree's words and music is an expression of life's influences delivered in a soulful expression..

Michael Tyree

Turn the key, slowly unlock the door - move gracefully cross the floor careful not to make a sound. The smell of incense fills the air. Vanilla and jasmine stimulate the senses.

The air tastes of energy spent in noble effort. Such a sweet sensation to experience! Breathing deeply, I fill my soul with the aroma of life - life in the purist sense. The powers I gain from the creative forces emanating from humanity! Creative energy radiating outward into the vastness of the universe.

Seated in the quiet twilight, his mind filled with the infinite possibilities of life. The things that could be, things that are, that yet to come. So many words flow through his mind like horizontal rain. All coming to a singularity called Angel.

Enjoy Michael Tyree’s expressions.

You will see me again soon. Perhaps in your next spark of inspiration.


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