Kaz is an award winning songwriter after her first place win in the 2003 Great American Song Contest, in the pop/adult contemporary category. She's also been recognised in her home country, Australia, by reaching the finals of The Australian Songwriters Association Song Contest, and in the semi finals of a local radio station competition. She was also nominated in the New York based Outmusic Awards this year for the Best Female Debut Artist. Her style of music has been hard to define, as her writing style has been influenced by such a wide range of genres. The best description so far is by a UK journalist Kate Wildblood in Diva magazine, quote: "A Melbourne lass, her first album, "The Dinner Party", is a jazz-tinged, soul-swept funky pop venture. A tasty musical chocolate box". Her solo live performances capture the beauty and complexity of her songs, which stand up well even without the slick production of the studio.


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