Bass player, Musician, Songwriter......I write, record and produce my music and hold all rights to them.

Composing instrumentals that give the listener a visual through music is what I hope to do. The music is the element that carries you through the scene which brings the song and the listener together. The instruments play a big role in the music when trying to create the perfect setting for the visual in the song; each instrument is a physical thing within the song, they can deliver subtle or dramatic changes in the visual that I am trying to create. The title of the song is put in place and when combined with the music it will then provide the complete visual experience through music for the listener.

I am currently looking for licensing contracts and collaborations with the visual arts media.

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Michael J

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"The Dance Between Life and Death" makes Top 10 Electronic/Industrial.

Michael J

I am a Bass player, Musician and Songwriter and have been in the music business now for 20+ years.

I was the founding member of Fox Valley Wisconsin glam band X-iter back in early 1983. The band consisted of Dan Lautenschlager on drums, Mike Stowe on guitar, and I on bass along with singers that came and went like the wind. A new line up change for X-iter came in early 1984 with myself on bass, Jim Gypp on drums, Jason Giordano on guitar and singer Steve Hanseter (aka Stevie Rachelle of Tuff). We wrote and recorded songs that included Love Ride, Teaser, Hot Ta Trot Girls and the ballad Kiss the Girl Goodbye. Kiss the Girl Goodbye would eventually be rearranged and put on Tuffs minor label release What Comes Around Goes Around with the song being renamed I Hate Kissing You Goodbye.

I would soon set my sites on the rock capital Hollywood, CA.. I moved there in early 1987 and made Anaheim my new home. I auditioned for a few bands but none were headed in the direction I wanted my career to go in. In mid 1988 a mutual friend hooked me up with a band called Stagger Lee located in Hollywood. I went in for an audition, after meeting with the rest of the band members and running through a couple of their songs they all knew they had found their bass player, we were Stagger Lee. I moved in with the band and we quickly started rehearsals and promoting the band. We were managed by Rich Bartle who ran Rich Bartles Hollywood Jet Set. Stagger Lee played all of the famous stages like the Roxy, The Troubadour, Hollywood Live, Gazzaris and the Whiskey-a-Go-Go. Stagger Lee recorded a four song demo at Paramount Recording Studios produced by Barry Conley who was an independent producer who worked for Paramount as a recording engineer. With the lack of other band members in Stagger Lee wanting to promote the band and feeling the need to push the demo, I decided to depart from the band and move on.

In mid 1990 I formed my next band called Strip Teaze. Strip Teaze would be very short lived and came to an end due to drug use with other band members. Those years were a great time in my life and now many years have gone by and I've written and recorded what is inside me. I write with emotion, it is a feeling that flows through my veins and then is drawn out by each instrument. I am currently looking for licensing deals in the movie/television/gaming industries.

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