Massimiliano ( Max) Di Carlo is a Motion Picture Composer who's credits include:

. Fox Sports
. The Discovery Channel
. Walt Disney Films
. ABC Television
. Yari Film Group
. 8th Wonder Entertainment
. Cave Entertainment
. CBS Television
. Bravo TV
. Dikenga Films
. Kobalt Entertainment
. CW Network
. Chodd Productions
. VH1
. The Learning Channel
. Animal Planet
. History Channel
. National Geographic Channel
. E Channel
. Food Network
. Oprah Winfrey Network
. Univision

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Max Di Carlo

Max Di Carlo is an Italian Composer of music for film,TV, commercials and games.

Classically trained at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, Max's career began in the Pop market.He composed numerous International hits and garnered 3 Grammy nominations.

Returning to his passion of orchestral music Max has composed for Walt Disney Films, The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports,ABC,BBC UK, and countless other film and TV companies.

As a film Composer, Max composes in literally all styles and his natural gift for melody has created a stellar reputation with film Directors and Producers alike.Max thrives on the challenge and creative expression that is presented while composing for motion pictures.

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