I believe in following your heart and your true path that you were meant to follow.

After years of helping others in the medical field, I found that I could no longer let my love of music stay in the background of "unfulfilled dreams". " I believe that everyone has a special gift from God that they came here with....that they are meant to bring to this world with their own flavor"

Inspirational and thought-provoking songs such as "Just Believe" and "Revolution of Your Heart" encourage the listener to realize that they indeed should not give up on their dreams, and that even our words and thoughts are powerful, and can have a profound effect on others.

"I set my true dreams aside for 30 years of my life - I am now finally bringing them forward...I believe that you are never too old to bring your gifts to the world. When you live your dreams, and follow your heart, you bring more light, love and happiness to the vibrations of the world around you - don't ever give up
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