Singer, songwriter & guitarist, now mostly doing studio work.

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1. Magical Night

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Stemming from a musical family Linda Basso is a singer/songwriter. Song title "Magical Night" was awarded an Honorable Mention & Suggested Artist both in the International Song writing Contest: Song of the Year VH-1
ISSA 2009 contest nomination

Drums-bass-piano-guitars-brass-background vocals
Night Hub EP, & Feels So Nice
Royalty Magazine Compilation
Me, my mom and a whistle soundtrack CD - 2010

Uptown Jazz Network, Soulful Radio Network, Womens Radio, Beauty Radio, WOBC, Inspirational Jazz, Out Bound Music Radio, Kanaljazz,Midnight Special Blues Radio, WDYN, Showcase Internet Radio Show,Women of Substance Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, Jango Radio,UnderworldmixRadio,,
The Indie Revolution Radio Show in New York and podcast
Breakaway Internet Radio (Need to be heard) series
The Essence Show

Noma Music
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Magical Night- 180 days TOP Ten

Magical Night has entered the Age 51 and over : Last 180 days Top 10 at Broadjam!

Top 10 Lists

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Song: Magical Night
Age 25-36

Canada Top 10 Chart

Magical Night has entered the Canada Top 10 at Broadjam!

Also the Jazz Contemporary Top 10

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I'm still in Love with Lower Lip it Flattens Me everytime! Please escort me through Life! Cheers! catnip=+=

over 30 days ago to Linda Basso

C'est relax,c'est vraiment bon,ca nous emporte...bravo Linda!

just listen again. so good so good, just keep on, sweet angel!!!

4 Replies
Linda Basso
over 30 days ago

Hi Patrick,
NOOOOOOO, just wrote and sang, the horns were hired musicians. Really glad you still enjoy the song, after all this time. Thanks for the ratings as well,
Enjoy your solar boat, sounds cool !

Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat
over 30 days ago

So, you just wrote and sang???? Dang! I was all over the imagery of your hands on the piano. Listen, these musicians were over the top!

Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat
over 30 days ago

Hi Linda, I just realized that I have posted the last 8 notes to you----sorry for the badgering-----but it does prove i know good talent when i hear it! cp

Linda Basso
over 30 days ago

No worries Patrick, nice to hear from you now and again, and especially nice you still enjoy listening. These hired musicians were pros, that is what I wanted for my production, nothing less than the best!

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