The new young artist starts playing piano at the age of 4. Influenced by her parents who both are musicians and travel around the world as a duet, Lina gets on stage for the first time in a very young age. Her mother is a singer and her father is a guitar player who also plays keyboard. At the age of 14 she participates in a local singing contest and wins first place. Her reward is to record a song of her choice. Ever since she's been bound with music for a lifetime.

After this first recording, the artist starts to like spending time in the studios but she doesn't settle with singing hits. She wants to make her own music. In a very early age she starts writing lyrics and later on making her own compositions. The lyrics of her songs are a true reflection of her life. In 2005 she is chosen by a Bulgarian manager to participate in a contest called World Championship of Performing Arts which is held in Los Angeles, USA. Unfortunately many obstacles come on the way and she doesn't participate two years in a row. That's when she records her first author song called "Still here" The song has a pop/rock sound and tells the story of the struggles the artist had to go through in the past years.

In 2007 she finally participates and wins first place in pop category. Unable to stay in the US, she heads back home and continues to write music. At the same time she becomes a lead singer in a pop/rock band and starts performing in clubs. In 2008 with one of her author songs which is more soulful and R&B, the artist wins second place in a British online songwriting competition called "We are listening". In June 2010 Lina Nikol releases her debut EP in the digital world with the title "Far Away". In 2011 Lina Nikol writes and records mainly Bulgarian songs which are aired on national radio stations. At the end of the year she heads back to the studio to record new English pop/dance tracks and participates in several collaborations with Dj's. In 2012 Lina Nikol shoots her debut music video presenting her new style with the dance track "Rhythm of the night".


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Lina, Great start with two shoes of blues. Walk on out and leave Love where you find it. - Nick

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