Still here

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Moving
Similar Artists Avril Lavigne Language English
Era 2000 and later


You're trying to make it
You're trying to break through
You're trying to push every wall
In front of you
You're trying to reach out
It seems that even hope
Lets you down

And now you're just afraid
To make the next move
Cause it might cause you pain
And you know what it feels like

But still you're here
Still you breathe
Still you're standing on your feet
Cas life keeps on going in front of you
Still you're here
Still you breathe
Still you're standing on your feet
And nothing can stop life from going, yeeeah

You've gotta face it
The truth is different than you know
But who would think that there's no one there for you to hold your hand
The world is falling apart for only seconds
And you need more than that to build it up again
And even if you do
The emptiness will stay inside of you

You gotta keep on moving, doing things your way
Even if it seems impossible today
You gotta keep on chasing, chasing your dreams
Before it all fades away

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