Len Mormino's songwriting is fueled by a curiosity about how people deal with love, unfulfillment, the beauty, and the ugliness that we are. You are at the right place for Len's music. To see WHAT ELSE Len's up to, go to www.lenmormino.com.

Latest News

Len's last couple writing projects include:

- Coordinator for MADISON ARTISTS UNITED- Music Collaboration from local artists to raise awareness and funds for community needs

- "Rise and Shine", an uplifting song and video about mental health. Check it out at www.lenmormino.com. To find more ways to help end the stigma around mental illness, go to www.NAMI.org.

-"Love, Love, Love" to celebrate the career of teachers, used in the ending credits of a retirement video for Madison Schools.

Where Len has been seen & heard

Len occasionally performs vocals and harmonica on some of his music and accompanying fellow musicians on their projects. His performances have been seen at:
-the Madison Songwriter's Group "Songwriters in the Round"
-Madison's High Noon Saloon
-The Brink Lounge
-Madison's Club Majestic
-Madison's Urban Theater Television Show
-The Goodman Community Center
-Madison's First Unitarian Church
-University of Wisconsin's Church

Len's work has also been heard on:
=Indie Alliance II CD
-Madison Songwriter's Group- "Made at Home" and "Made at Home II" Cd's
-Clear Blue Betty's "Write Your Name in the Sky"
-Madison's WORT radio station
-Madison For World Health CD and Fundraiser Compilation Project
-The Gift of Life life CD and personal loss project
-"Daddy's Macaroni" Children's Picture Book
-"Rise and Shine" Video awareness project to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness
-"Authenticity" album by Liz Petty

Len has placed well in various song contests such as:
-Multiple Midwest Song Contests
-IK Multimedia Summer Music Challenge
-Billboard Song Contest
-Multiple Top 10 Broadjam Contests.

Len can be heard on vocals and harmonica on many of his demos, but also enjoys writing and co-writing music for other artists, and TV/Film projects.

Similar Artists

Darius Rucker, Marc Cohn, James Taylor

Musical Influences

Len has been influenced by visceral forms of country, popular rock & adult contemporary such as Jeffrey Steele, Craig Wiseman, Maroon 5, Melissa Etheridge, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, & John Mellencamp. Other influences include Contemporary Christian Rock, Folk, and Singer-Songwriter genres.


Len Mormino grew up in a Chicago Suburb where he worked in landscaping, counseling, and professional acting on stage and in commercial/industrial television and films. In 2000 he moved to Madison, Wisconsin where he now lives with his wife and daughter. Len wrote music while studying piano at a young age, but did not pursue songwriting until his 20's. He has studied music theory, voice, harmonica, and songwriting with a diverse group of professionals, and subject his music to multiple professional critiques to help him grow as a songwriter and musician. He now most enjoys songwriting for other artists, Video & Film Projects, and collaborating with other talented musicians/writers in the Chicago and Madison area.

Len's Perspective

Len Mormino's songwriting is fueled by a curiosity about how people deal with love, unfullfillment, the beauty, and the ugliness that we are. This is the right place to find Len's music, but if you'd like to see what else he's up to, check out www.lenmormino.com.

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John Kelly Wilson
over 30 days ago to Len Mormino

Thanks for adding my track, "Whiskey And Me", to your playlist. It's greatly appreciated. Glad you like the tune. Hope all is well. Although I'm in Scottsdale Arizona now, I spend time in Milwaukee also. I grew up going to my grandparents home in Shorewood Hills. So I know Madison well. :) Again, thanks. Take care.

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Len Mormino
over 30 days ago

Funny, my dad is retired in Scottsdale, and my whole Italian family lives there, so I come out once a year. I'm from Chicago, but my wife is from Madison, so of course, here we are. :) Love to co-write sometime, if you're into it. Cheers and thanks for your writing and inspiration. Len

John Kelly Wilson
over 30 days ago

Thanks Len! Small world the connection to Scottsdale, and Madison. I get why you're there. :-) But you know what, it's a great place. I grew up going to Wisconsin games. My dad played football up there in the 50s with ALLEN and meet you. It goes way back. So I have a really really really big connection to UW. And Madison. I would love to call write something with you. Let me know how you want to go forward. Lyrics? Melody? Whatever you think. I would definitely try it.

John Kelly Wilson
over 30 days ago

I meant Alan Ameche! ' Dictation failing again!!!!!!

John Kelly Wilson
over 30 days ago

Also meant co-write!!!! 👍

Len Mormino
over 30 days ago

I'm comfortable with lyrics or melody/chord progressions. I write on keys, but don't have pro chops there, so my chords can easily translate to guitar, and usually have been written for acoustic in the past. I'm happy to try and compliment whatever you enjoy doing most. Are there any topics you've been wanting to write about? Maybe put it on the burners for May if you have any availability? I hope to wrap some projects by mid-May, but whatever your timeline looks like is fine. Thanks for considering John! Len

over 30 days ago to Len Mormino


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