Ken Kurland writes classical, new age, jazz, world, and theater. Ken has released six albums: Songs for Spring, Morning Begins, Lo La Day, Night,Songs for Autumn and Easy River. Before making albums, he was the composer for an Off-Off-Broadway musical ("Delilah") which starred Uzo Aduba and was seleced for an ASCAP Songwriters Showcase for the song "Shaded Blue." Last year, he won an award for Best Score for the soundtrack for a short film, "Last Words," which included three of the songs from Easy River, one from Morning Begins, and a jazz tune, "Sneaking Up," which is on this website.

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My sixth album, "Easy River," is now released. It has 14 solo piano pieces that I wrote in late 2013 before going back to it in late 2015. Three of the songs were later used on a soundtrack to a short film, "Last Words," which won an award for Best Score. I never even considered recording solo piano before, but I'm very happy with how it came out.

Ken Kurland

I write contemporary instrumental/classical, jazz, theater, folk, and world music. I've been writing music since I was 17, starting out playing alto saxophone and writing mostly jazz with a swing / blues base. Then I learned piano in my 20's. I continued writing a lot of jazz but I was started writing light classical, new age, and soundtrack type music, as well as pop-dance, ethnic music, and folk-style melodies. The music for what became a classical suite now called "Night" was a highlight from those years. I eventually moved onto writing many reggae / Latin style pop-rock instrumentals while continuing light classical and jazz. In 2003, my music was used as the score for an off-off-Broadway musical in 2003 called "Delilah." Since 2003, I've arranged and orchestrated hundreds of my songs, which I'm compiling into albums. Most recently, in September / October 2013, I wrote most of my best music for an album "Easy River," which I hope to release sometime in 2014.


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Superb music loving it. Quickly email mp3 to for Airplay.

over 30 days ago to Ken Kurland

You are one of the best modern artist, I love your style.

Toni Sunden
over 30 days ago to Ken Kurland

If you have time check out my new recording.
New songs coming out next week.
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