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Hello all. Just put up a new song called "Lost My Love For You". A story about love gone astray and the affect it has on people. This song has brought tears to peoples eyes so be warned. It'll getcha.

Cal Myers

Started as a drummer in grammer school. Then my cousin Ron came to visit us for a spell when I was 13 and started to teach me guitar. After that I was hooked.

Formed many groups over the years and was fortunate to learn from a lot of seasoned performers. When I wasn't in my own group, I was doing fill in jobs as a lead man for other rock and country bands. Played in a couple of oldies bands in the beginning that introduced me to opening up for nationally know acts like the 5 Satins and other groups from that era. Then finally created a band called Old No. 7 that played original country and country blues. Opened for groups such as Gibson Miller, Kentucky Headhunters, Pirates of the Mississippi, etc. Old No. 7 evolved into Midnight Rose where we were the headliner with local groups opening the show for us while we promoted our own CD of 14 original tunes.

With the dissolution of Midnight Rose and a long hiatus, Just Cuz was born to resurrect the songs from that time period.

Ron Gagnon

Ronald J. Gagnon
Just Cuz
To All Our fans

One half of Just Cuz, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and lead vocalist, I was born May 3rd 1951 in Portsmouth, VA. After a few short years, my family moved to Westford, MA where I lived until my folks divorced. I remember picking up my father’s guitar and only being 4 years of age and not knowing how to play, I started to bang on it and this upset my dad some. After a short time, my father started to teach me how to play standard guitar chords. After years had passed, my younger brother John and I started singing and playing music together. As little boys, John and I would go to most of our father’s country shows and watched him play. At six years of age, our mother gained custody and we moved to North Carolina where I lived until I turned 17 and joined the service. I spent most of service time overseas where I started a band and played in the USO shows in Viet Nam. After leaving the service with an honorable discharge, I moved to Connecticut where my cousin Cal Myers, the other half of Just Cuz, and I practiced and put together many different bands. Playing music like Disco, Rock, and Country, Cal and I were inspired to write our own songs and music. After many years of playing and with the help of good friends like drummer Jim O’Hair and other musicians, we put together a fourteen song CD that we hope you all will enjoy. Thank you for being a part of Just Cuz and I hope you will like and enjoy our music as much as we love and enjoy bringing it to you.

James O'Hair

Jim started seriously playing the drums back in High School where he also took an interest in audio. Jim, Cal and Ron had their first band together at the ripe old age of 15. Through that union and the people he met learning about audio, he met other local musicians and started jamming with them, sometimes running sound or playing the drums.

Then came his time in the military where he had to curb his musical interests . Although he did help with some event planning while in the service, his time and energies were limited. Once his term was complete, the real world beckoned and again Jim's musical interests were put on hold. But every once in a while, he was able to get out and get on the stage as either a guest or a fill in drummer. He was a member of the CT Country Music Association where he assisted with the arrangements of a gulf war song called the Ties that Bind and ran sound for a show by Faron Young.

Finally after years of having to put his talents on a back burner he is back on the circuit and back with the people he enjoys playing and creating music with the most. Cowriting "Shadow Dancer" and "Long Gone" with Ron Gagnon, he also helped to produce the music for some of the newer tunes written by Cal Myers. He is credited for helping to record and produce "Your Song" and looks forward to recording and creating others in the future.


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my guys for sure! Country Music like it should be. :)

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