An Odyssey

Jonathan Sorensen has written, performed and recorded for over 20 years. He has ingested almost every genre of music from blues, thrash, grunge to pop, house and classical. His style took a very original turn after a year in Saudi Arabia where he began to listen to artists like Ahab Tewfik. A stint in Ethiopia brought such influences as Mahmood Ahmed. These diverse influences have created one of the most original writers and composers on the indie scene.

His professional C.V. includes:
13th Love, a funky freaky band that dominated the LA party scene. This produced several CDs and a video.
He also toured Iceland for months with X-rated where he supported artist Richard Scobie at his record release and yearly tour where they performed Scobie's hits that rode the charts for months. They made appearences on air as well as in all the major venues.

The most recent complete CD Blue Glass Road reflects the arabic, latin and african sounds that have so influenced Jonathan over the last ten years.

The next CD due for completion is called "Wet It Down". Sneak peaks are available only on Broadjam though the tracks are not available for download.

During the flurry of songwriting to complete "Wet It Down" Jonathan continues to hone his flamenco skills and to compose pieces on classical guitar that will be released over the next year. These pieces show a subtlety and grace that he's developed listening to some of the flamenco greats.

All in all, Jonathan Edward Sorensen is a prolific writer with an extremely broad range. LIsten to a cross-section of songs for a taste.

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