Music is mystical to me, the closest I can get to the absolute truth. I've always felt that, whatever your abilities, listening to or playing music is the best, most innocent and honest way to spend your time. I hope that, listening to my music, you get a glimpse of how I view the world and how the world plays itself through me.

I call myself a jazz player because its a genre that is both diverse and inclusive. Its defining characteristic to me is improvisation--nothing is ever played the same way twice. That fits well with my mixed bag of musical influences and tastes. So welcome! Enjoy the musical world seen through my ears...


Joseph Daigle grew up in Southern California where his formative musical influences ranged from surf guitar to folk music, Gershwin to Santana and everything between. His musical education began at age 7 when he began playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and ukulele. At 12, Daigle added piano to his studies but by 15 he knew guitar was his passion and joined his first surf band. Daigle played at every opportunity with local bands and, after high school and a stint in the Army he was drawn to study jazz theory and composition in earnest.

His original music as well as arrangements of Pop and Jazz standards is well received in various settings. Comfortable in solo, duo, trio, and band formats, his rich and varied performance and composition background allow him to fuse a multitude of influences to create music that is expressive and original.

Currently Daigle is living in Orange County, California devoting his time to producing music in his home studio, arranging and performing his own music as well as performing with and contributing arrangements for several jazz groups, teaching private students, and completing a degree in Jazz Studies at California State University Fullerton.

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