Born in Chicago, John grew up fast after being beaten in high school by gang bangers. He nevers been married but has loved many women. One his favorite bands he formed was Vision Day which captured is longing for enlightenment in a punked world. In 2004 John was arrested and convicted and jailed for assaulting an officer and resiting arrest at the Greenpeace earth summit protesting the destruction to drinking water fracking was causing in Pennsylvania.
In 2005 his appeals were heard and was release after being found innocent of all charges.

In prison he wrote a suite of Songs that reveal an inner strength that lives on to this day.


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gordon chapman
over 30 days ago to John Seitz

hi john, great sound sounds like you have been through some trials in your life! i won't go is a great song. i really like where the beat picks up in the chorus.

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John Seitz
over 30 days ago

Thanks gordon. Life goes on. I ain't dead yet

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