My name is Johnny Cool and i am a independant singer, composer and songwriter that started out in " oldschool" punk music only to fall like any other good artist in a more international style. My music did not fade away as years passed but only became stronger without loosing the essential sound to it ! My lyrics are to the point alright but they never seem to judge anyone... Working with Mr Serge Laporte ( A professional and well establish producer and guitar player) as helped me alot with new horizons and my new song called " Sing This Song ". I can show that i can write great melodies, mature lyrics and still please 15 to 99 years old ! The more important thing is that i am mainly a excellent carpenter and that i do music as a hobby only ( yeah right !) ! My music is recognized because every song that i put out is simply... refreshing ! I am aming for record labels and music publishers in need of a refreshing sound.

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Greetings to everyone ! We have released a new remastered version of P.U.N.K RADIO with MR Denis Courchesne on drums ! Songs are getting better and great feedbacks are coming in also from all over the world. I will be going in studio again this summer with MR Serge Laporte for a perfectly balance punkrock song called " Where i am ". Thank you for reading me and have a great day !

Johnny Cool, Montreal, Canada
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