This is the driving force behind Ravenwood, fronted by Joe Vitale Jr. For the past decade, Joe has been clawing his way through the jungle-like terrain of the music scene--even if it means he has to crawl. But one thing's for certain-- with his blend of classic rock and modern rock & a sweet dash of "signature Joe", Ravenwood is poised to lead the aural revolution.

Music is in his blood. Maybe literally. This multi-instrumentalist is the son of legendary rock drummer Joe Vitale, and spent his early years cutting his teeth on the road with Joe Walsh, The Stephen Stills Blues Band, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The revolution is expanding... His award-winning, self-directed video for "Never Look Back" has over 300-thousand YouTube views.
Ravenwood / Joe Vitale Jr. is currently touring and working on a follow-up album.

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Joe Vitale Jr's personal band Ravenwood has a new single out. "We're All in This Together" is available on Apple Music & Spotify

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Vari Loud Musik
P.O. BOX 36860
Canton, Ohio 44735

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Joe Vitale Jr. is the son of legendary veteran Rock n' Roll drummer Joe Vitale. He has spent the bulk of his life growing up on the road with such acts as Joe Walsh, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, and many others. After nine dedicated years, Joe Jr. has finally completed his first solo album. The uniqueness of Joe's sound derives from his use of Rock and Industrial influences. Joe Vitale Jr. is not only a multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, etc.) but is also a digital audio engineer.

Over the past nine years, Joe has been working for Sony Media Software creating loop libraries (Latin Percussion, Junkyard Rhythms, Organ Donor, and the recently released Vital Drums: The Vitale Collection) for ACID as well as doing the digital audio editing work on the 2005 Stephen Stills' album "Man Alive." The work completed on that album won Stephen Stills a Humanitarian award from Unicef for the song "Feed the People." He also was the digital editor and pre-mastering engineer on the Stephen Stills album, "Just Roll Tape." Joe Vitale Jr. presented at the 2007 and 2008 NAMM shows as a key speaker for Sony describing work done on several music videos he directed.

These songs reflect Joe's struggles and triumph over adversity, as well as a fun escape for the listener. This powerful album contains the singles "Beautiful Girl," "You Make Me Feel Alive," and the title cut "Dancing With Shadows."

Primary Instruments: Drums : Percussion : Guitar : Vocals : Keyboard : Bass : Song Writing : Producing : Performing Live/Studio : Audio Editing : Audio Mastering.Vari Loud Musik / BMI Affiliated.


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Christopher Yamsek
over 30 days ago to Joe Vitale Jr.

We both keep hitting the top 10 for Ohio, nice job!
I'm actually a Canton native too. Best of luck to you Joe.

1 Replies
Joe Vitale Jr.
over 30 days ago

Hey Christopher. Thank you so much and congrats to you as well :) Nice to meet you

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Ron Sarja
over 30 days ago to Joe Vitale Jr.

Joe, I listened to "The Void". Sounds great. Are you using Heavyocity Evolve?
Take care,
Ron Sarja

3 Replies
Joe Vitale Jr.
over 30 days ago

Hey Ron, nice to meet you. Actually no, but I am using my synth library and playing into Acid Pro 7. I will have to check out that program too. I am also looking at Eastwest Quantum Leap

Joe Vitale Jr.
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Ron Sarja
over 30 days ago

Joe, The drums sound like the Heavyocity stuff. Thats great that you are emulating that sound whether it is consciously or not because that sound is hot. I bought the East West package that is always on sale. The sounds are awesome. The drawback is it is a CPU hog. If you have a decent machine that can run East West in 64 bit, you'll be fine. Hey, I'm really glad to chat with you. -Ron

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