Often compared to NIN, Depeche Mode, and Gary Numan, Lthrboots music will keep the dancefloor moving, and also keep the gears in your mind turning lyrically. Lthrboots always puts a STOMP signature on all his songs, and that has become his trademark sound. Some call it a Tribal/Dance feel. From high energy, to slow ballads, Lthrboots music will surely touch your life.

Latest News

Lthrboots is working on his new CD "Domination" for mid-2009. It will cover Industrial, EBM, and Electro genres with a touch of Grunge Rock thrown in.

Lthrboots chosen by Information

Lthrboots was chosen as the winner of the Information Society Remix Contest for their song "Baby Just Wants". Information Society is working on a remix CD right now, which may include Lthrboots' remix.

Lthrboots chosen for X-Games 14

Lthrboots was recently chosen for the "X-Games 14" CD, which was played during the X-Games events in Los Angeles, Ca. DJ's played the CD during non-event times, and also throughout any event connected with the X-Games event.

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