My music ranges from Alternative Rock to Eletronic Original music. I currently play guitar and keyboards with a country and rock cover band by the name of Diamond back in Laredo, Texas. However, I write my own songs of a completely different style. People say my songs are very catchy and sometimes strange when I perform live. I write mainly love songs, but with a twist. I record in my own personal recording studio using vintage synths and modern technology. My favorite tools to record and arrange my music are sibelius and protools. I'm currently working on my own album and hope to finish recording by the end of July.

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I recently produced a country song called "Part of the Game" from Mick Cruz and Diamondback which is on the air in my hometown Laredo, Texas. Check it out @

I'm currently working on a Christmas song called "Laredo Christmas" along with DiamondBack. The song was written by our lead singer, Mick Cruz.

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My name is Joel Izquierdo and I'm a music teacher, musician, songwriter, and project producer. I started making music since the late 70's experimenting using synths and drum machines. My brother Joe and myself used to make punk music but made entirely with synths and drum machines. We later became an electronic dual band by the name of Euphoria. We won a local songwriting competition from a local radio station. We later got third place in a battle of the bands competition where over twenty band competed. My brother discontinued making music. However, We managed to write over 100 songs together. I continued playing as a solo artist making techno music for local and international disco clubs. In the meantime I played cover music with several local rock bands in the 80's and 90's including the current local popular band, Diamond Back. I continue writing my own songs experimenting with different styles including songs that you can purchase in Broadjam. I am ,however, remixing the current songs you can listen to and still working on my LP due later this year. As a producer, I have produced two classical CD's for a local classical guitarist and working on the 3rd CD for the same artist. I have also produced other local bands and singers as well as rap artist.
My mission is to write scores for movies or write for other artist in the electronic music business.

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