JOANNA At the age of 28 I had a spiritual awakening and felt that music was a major part of "The Call" on my life. I began practicing singing and playing my guitar four hours a day and writing Christian songs. The first time I sang one of my songs at a prayer meeting, someone said they cried. I said "Yes!" I sang everything and everywhere I could. Tulsa OK (I think it was Pepsi) sponsored the KXOJ summer song contests.The last year I participated, the judges came up to me after having chosen a singer who sang her friend's song. They said, "You wrote that song, right?" I said "Yes". They told me that I should be encouraged and not give up. If not containing a call to repentance, my songs often have deep emotional roots. The Church is not often pleased with my message. I've thought of calling myself JOANNA THE BAPTIST, but that would be going too far, don't you think? My first book "ARE CHRISTIANS THE HITLERS OF TODAY? A SEARCH FOR TRUTH" can be found on amazon and

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I know my first book has a harsh title, but as the days and years pass on, I feel that my life story and recovery message becomes more and more important. My book is not about condemning Christians. It is about not allowing other people to control us, whether they claim to be a Christian or not....Learning to trust your feelings and not be manipulated by others. "CALLING IN THE REMNANT" is the name of my second book, also available online

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My second book is "Calling In The Remnant" also available at amazon and It is my account of all the churches I went to and the things that I encountered. I believe ALL churches contain a remnant of true believers/lovers of God.

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to JOANNA

Hi Joanna, just like to pass on that I love your song, "My Shining Knight"!
Absolutely delightful singing and melody!
I have almost the same words as you have (in my latest song not released yet) "Sometimes I hear you call my name, I answer, but the silence falls again".
You are a gorgeous singer.
Pity I can only give five stars. Deserves more!

Kathy Myers
over 30 days ago to JOANNA

Hi - Joanna - read your comment about "Found in You" - my song about helping those in need around us. So wanted to listen to your music. Very gentle, Very calming. Read your comment how you are encouraged by your own songs. I find it the same so i do not think it a strange thing. I think as we seek messages God wants us to express, our own voice speaking those thoughts as we live life just speaks directly to our own hearts. God bless you today. Kathy

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