Jmilla comes from the exclusive beat team call the Beathunters / Team Brilliance ( DK, ONE, Dot, GMK, WIZ, and KEYZ). This crew represents the Onlyus movement and Truth Studios & Jmilla's influencers are Just Blaze, Jdilla, Swizz Beats, and many more. I like to create my own sound but of course, trends and talented producers move me. Jmilla and the Beathunters / Team Brilliance production style has no limits ranging from underground to R&B.

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Good Day,

I am contacting you today to inform you of an exciting and bright new talent GMK. GMK who goes by Mic L' Kryton when it comes to production and released "Impressive material " - Koch Entertainment - on his full length album "Golden Verbal" definitely bangs out the beats on this album and lyrically is as sharp as any industry MC's. However, I will let you be the judge. Below I have provided links to GMK's public website. Please contact us for a production CD. If you received this package via standard mail, you have also received a copy of his recent release "Perfect 10" hosted by West Coast DJ of the Year DJ B-Mello as well this package includes a copy of his hit single "College Girls".

Coming of the hills of opening for GZA, Wale and Ying Yang Twins and featured artist on Jake Ones "White Van Music" GMK has a lot underway for 2009. Already scheduled to perform the first 6 months of 2009 with artist such as 88 Keyz, Murs, Izza Kizza, and Wale and a tour with dates in Atlanta, California, and New York in the summer. GMK will soon be shopping his highly anticipated full length LP currently untitled after his EP "Songs for Bloggers" which will be released May 09 via Itunes and Vimby. Coming this year GMK will have featured production on the world famous B-Boy Fidget's mixtape "True Story" hosted by Shadyville, and Bumsquad DJ's, own DJ Scene. As well GMK will have production credits and vocal guest appearances on national and local artist such as A.O. (Capital Records), D Black, Choklate, J. Pinder, and Macklemore.

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