Meet the band!
Songwriter - Jeff Lodge
Vocals - Jeff Lodge
Guitars - Jeff Lodge
Keyboards - Jeff Lodge
Drums and Percussion - Jeff Lodge
Engineer/Producer - Jeff Lodge
Patience - Angela Lodge

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Thank you Broadjam listeners for your reviews that placed my songs "Drive" at #1 in the Blues-Modern Category, and "the Warrior" at #6 in Electronic!! Very Cool :)


If Jeff Lodge is anything, he is diverse. His music and writing tastes take his fans from Rock, to Country, to Techno, to Symphonic. "I love just about anything with a rich melody, deep harmonies and solid song structure", says Lodge. Influenced by many, Lodge recounts quite literally "cutting his teeth" as a toddler on a wood console stereo watching a Bobby Vee vinyl 45 spinning over and over. As Mom would allow, he would be up late on Fridays mesmerized to Dixieland his father and grandpa would roll out with their six piece jazz band. After his teeth came in, his focus remained in music immersed in the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. "My tastes were everywhere, even as a child", says Lodge, "I listened to everything I could get my hands on".

Since he inherited an old Slingerland drum kit from his Grandpa at the ripe old age of eight, creating music has always been an enormous part of Jeff's life. He wrote his first song at 13 and by this time was becoming skilled with guitar and keyboards. By the time he was 15, he was playing drums in rock bands in the Portland area, dabbing mascara on his "mustache" so he could look like the other guys in the band, all over 21. He noticed that the lead player was getting all the girls, so the Black Les Paul became a stage staple. He later studied at the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco where he graduated with honors as a recording engineer.

Jeff worked as an engineer in the Bay area for a few years and decided to return to Portland where he began to raise a family. Refusing to place his music career on hold, he worked as a voice coach and chorus director, travelling all over North America. Lodge penned several complex four-part Acappella jazz arrangements that became very popular. He spent months creating his own studio where he produced several successful jingles while building his personal catalog.


Malcolm Lally
over 30 days ago to Jeff Lodge

Hi Jeff, heard Inside while reviewing for the 6pack. LOVE the Alice in Chains / Soundgarden esque dark verses here... awesome, nice job!

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Jeff Lodge
over 30 days ago

Thank you Malcolm!

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