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Damn you are so consistent on these GREAT songs jeff! Your topics are maverick i wish you would run for congress and help straighten this mess out jeff! I'll support you! catnip=+=

Bill Dake
3 weeks ago to Jeff Ashbaker

Thanks for the review of "Carolina Moon". In the process of re-writing and making it a Jazz standard style tune. New Title: "Pale Vanilla Moon".

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That's a brave but smart thing to do LA taught me to change in 5 seconds its so worth it catnip=+=

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff, Thank you for your review of "One Time We Cared" the song is a cover from Art and Margie Corey in Calf...I fell in love with that country song of theirs and tried to make if Folk... I had fun doing it... glad they approved it...and you.
Always your friend in music...Delta

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