Jaloes makes instrumental minimalist music using keyboards and computers. His music is based on repetition, with musical figures added to a melodic pattern to create a new one.


Jaloes: Weather

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My song "Rainy" was semi-finalist in the instrumental category of the UK Songwriting Contest 2009.

Instrumental music by Jaloes

Jaloes is a self-released musician who makes instrumental minimalist music, using keyboards, computers and music editing software for multi-track recording. His music is often based on repetition, enhancing a melodic pattern with a new figure or a small difference that creates a new pattern, and thus gradually. He also uses superposition of several simple patterns to achieve a more elaborate pattern. His creative parameters are melody, repetition, superposition and addition.

In March 2009 Jaloes released the album Weather with nine compositions played by computer and mixed and produced by the author himself.

As some of his inspiring musicians, Jaloes names Wim Mertens and Philip Glass to recognize the most influential.

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