Welcome to my website. I am a multiple award-winning songwriter/lyricist. My single "Together, Forever" was published and released in 2010.

Inspired by real life, I create narrative folk style compositions with an edge. I collect ideas everywhere I go. You'll find me jotting them down in a pocket sized field notebook.

My home recording studio is on Long Island, NY; where I play piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, and vocals. I constantly work to improve the craft of writing and skills as a musician.

I became permanently disabled by Post-Polio and survived Guillain-Barre (and Polio as a child). These life changing events gave me the opportunity to follow my passion for doing the things I really love and care about. I volunteer at Make-A-Wish, to help children with life-threatening illnesses fulfill their dreams, much as I am fortunate to be able to fulfill mine through music.

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Latest News

Note(10/31/18): Due to serious illness I have been sidelined over a year. I have continued to write songs and have greatly improved my guitar and piano skillset.

CD RELEASE: My recording of award winner "TOGETHER FOREVER" was released on iTunes.

There's always a FREE DOWNLOAD for you. Maybe a rough cut, demo, or even a fully mastered radio ready song.

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My Story

I am a multiple award winning songwriter & lyricist whose inspirations come from experiences, real and imagined, which I creatively weave into mostly narrative acoustic folk compositions. As a storyteller I have been recognized for consistently tight lyrics which I consider "Stories of Life".

My first commercial success came Nov. 2, 2010 with the release of my recording of "Together Forever" as part of the compilation CD "Come Clean" by QS Productions.

I am working in the studio on an indie EP and a full length CD. However, my main goals are to continue writing songs to sell to performing artists and for licensing to advertising, film and TV.

Although disabled by two neurological conditions, I see this as an opportunity to pursue my songwriting career. I also volunteer my time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to help children who are going through the struggles I have lived with, to fulfill their wishes - just as I fulfill my own.

, a place for us to get acquainted


* American Songwriter Magazine; Lyrics Contest, Honorable Mention, March/April 2009 - "Oil and Water"

* Song of the Year Competition (VH1); Suggested Artist, December 2008 - This year's second consecutive award was based on the lyrics to "Oil and Water", "The Thing that Puzzles Me", "Devastated Land" and "Martin Lake"

* Song of the Year Competition (VH1); Suggested Artist, December 2007 - "Together, Forever", "Devastated Land", "Smoke and Fire"

* Island Songwriters Showcase; Instant Romantic Song Classic Award, August 2007 - "Together, Forever"

* 2nd Annual International Narrative Song Competition, 2006; Honorable Mention, Romantic Lyrics, January 2007 - "Together, Forever"

* Island Songwriters Showcase; Writer's Choice Award Nominee, December 2006 - "These Iron Bars"

* Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro NY, Outstanding Rookie 2006. (This may not be musically related but it is quite an honor.)

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CD RELEASE: My recording of award winner "TOGETHER FOREVER" was released Nov. 2nd on the compilation "Come Clean" by Quick Star Productions! Available on iTunes, Amazon etc. - YOU CAN BUY IT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

To celebrate I'm offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of a rough cut version of a new song. You don't have to buy anything to get your free song. Check back as the free song changes whenever I feel like it. Enjoy.

AS OF SEPT. 2013 YOU CAN GET TWO (2) DOWNLOADS. (Hint: Go to ALBUMS to find both free songs)

, a place for us to get acquainted

Why a Duck?

Everybody asks me, "How did you become the SongDuck"? The tale begins while on a 3 week training session in Illinois for a position as building automation engineer.

Well, 3 weeks in a midwest hotel during a snowstorm with 50 other guys can make one a bit stir crazy. So we'd go down to the bar at night and toss a few darts. Then we'd toss a few brews and watch whatever was playing on the TV. One night the worst movie ever was blaring from the TV. If you haven't already guessed - the flick was 'Howard the Duck'.

Next morning, at 7 am, some of the engineers were banging on the door to my room yelling, "Come on duck, time for breakfast". So for the next two weeks I was the 'Duck' and when we returned to NY, it stuck. So there you have it, from then on I was 'Howard the Duck', proudly carrying the moniker of a very bad movie.

And when I made the unexpected transition to songwriter, well I thought I'd keep the 'Duck' (in order not to be confused with all the other Howard Pavanes). From there it seemed natural to become the 'SongDuck'. To paraphrase; you can call me Howard, or Howard the Duck or the Duck or SongDuck; just remember - I'm the duck that writes songs!

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Legal Stuff

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No songs, lyrics nor anything on this website may be used without permission of the rightful owner, with the exception of short pieces for reviews.


I'm in the process of upgrading my studio to 192kbs. I have new material which I would like to record and upload. And previously posted songs at 96kb, I will have to upgrade. Just need a new A/D interface.

Hey Howard..You have two neurological conditions?
I only have one..MS.. All the best to you..And keep whistling.Ronald

Hey Howard, thanks so much for downloading my songs :)

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