So...I'm fittna ride till I D-I-E,If ya'll wanna hop inside then ya'll can roll wit T,place precision wit my pride whatcha know bout me,all resistance 2 tha side,ain't no loyalty,so stay persistent when ya glide or don't come round me see I'm bound ta get a shot cuz they can't drop Ali.Ima give it all I got n play my cards on key,while I'm spittin to tha Top look at tha mouth on me.Steady speakin 4 my people u can count on me,so don't believe in whatcha seein on tha T.V screen.They try ta paint tha picture perfect,but it's way 2 clean,if you wanna see whats workin go and hit tha streets,and push a pocket full a boulders so ya kids can eat.

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Clean Clean

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