Gita’s music is spiritual, universal, sincere, and above all, a manifestation of consciousness. Gita’s debut album, “The Voice Within” tells a story. It tells a story to which we all can relate as spiritual beings, trying to see through our self-created ignorance and illusions while dealing with our attachments to a temporary world and its creations.

From expressing the ebb and flow of an old love rekindled to feeling overwhelmed with the all-pervading Divine Presence--from the gut-wrenching darkness of witnessing a loved-one’s bodily destruction to the wonders of creation, “The Voice Within” captures the raw emotions of life…and love.

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Gita, Inc.
P.O. Box 193
Luther, Oklahoma 73054


Enya & Yanni as New Age genre influencers. John Barry, John Williams & Hans Zimmer as the main film and orchestral composer influencers.


(Scores & Theme Songs)
1. Barry’s Song (1997), “The Voice Within”
2. Letting Go (1998), “The Voice Within”
3. Transformation (1998), “The Voice Within”
4. Aesop’s Fable (1999), “The Voice Within”
5. Atma (1999), “The Voice Within”
6. Life Goes On (Keep This Kiss) (2000), “The Voice Within”
7. Kapila (2000), “The Voice Within”
8. Forsaken (2001), “The Voice Within”
9. First Cause Two (2001), “The Voice Within”
10. Triumph (2003)
11. Letting Go (2003 rewrite)
12. Rising Sun (2003)

1. Composed & produced gita’s debut album “The Voice Within”, released 2002
2. ASCAP member since 2002
3. Taxi member since 2000. 31 total Taxi submittals forwarded to the following:
a. Mento Music Group. Entire CD of 9 songs were forwarded by Taxi and their comments follow:
· “… you have recorded a lovely CD.”
· “This track builds beautifully—the arrangement is expertly layered and leads into the evocative theme very effectively.”
· “Another large, majestic piece. You have a strong sense of orchestration and your use of the sonic pallet is quite mature. “
b. Kool Kat Music. Five songs were forwarded by Taxi. No feedback available.
c. MBA Music. One song was forwarded by Taxi and their comments follow:
· “I like the moody/bluesy vibe on this. Nice.

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