j start learning piano at ten years, after buy my first synth "roland juno106" and start make electronic music (early 80's),momently j play with the band blogside and alone as oscillator.my discographie is realy varied becouse j change in the years a lots of electronic style and names ( tapes,vinyl ep-lp-maxi,cd) .play many gigs (real analogic live ), the most in munich
in many locations, alone or sometime togheter with sebastian niessen,ambient lab,art 465,amgod... j'm also dj, resident & freelance around italy,germany,thailand. live &dj with many peoples like: funkstorung,dmx crew,fauna flash,truby trio,dj hell,dj k1,dakar&grinser,dj acid maria... etc.

The song "it's a zombie!" was recorded in the 1993 as Nova Exprexx ("cybernetics interzone" cd) in my homestudio, new remastering for brodjam07 on my laptop.

the songs "spores" and "team flight" are from the next cd Oscillator "first fly to chiang mai"

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looking for a record label!
sound electro,minimal, techno-house, acid&psy trance, ambient, glitch, brain dance, etc.

geo alessandro aka dj geotronic (techno,electro,acid,house,ambient,chill out,lounge,trip hop,electronica,brain dance,psy trance...) or live as oscillator or geo+niessen for booking contact: geotronrecords@yahoo.it

FREE MP3 at www.mp3.com/artist/alessandro-geo electro-dance

wait you there for more news and songs
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