Christopher Paul is a primarily self taught vocalist and pianist. He started composing music by age 11, with some simple sacred vocal music.Shortly thereafter he moved onto secular instrumental and vocal music, mainly focused around the piano. By the time he graduated from college he already had become the youngest musical director for a SUNY New Paltz Theatre Dept Production, was a vocal coach and rehearsal pianist for many of his peers. Also during that time he honed his skills for composition of both sacred and secular music, vocal and instrumental, as well as musical arrangement and musical direction. He has a wide array of genres that he composes, from New Age to Drum N Bass, from House to instrumentals to be used in film/tv and video games.

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My Music Story

I learned early on in my life the power of music, and what an important role music plays in everyone's everyday life.

I started to learn to read music and playing violin when I was 9. I saw Itzhak Perlman in concert, and it completely inspired me. Soon after I started to learn everything I could about music, how to read it and how to write it. I started to teach myself how to play the cello, viola, bass piano, and how to sing. I had an affinity for strings, and continued to hone those skills through High School. At the same time, I started writing my own music with a small Yamaha keyboard that I was given as a gift from my parents. I started off with some basic instrumentals, but could visualize and hear in my head how certain arrangements would be better if sung. That's when I started writing pieces for my church choir, of which I was the youngest person they ever accepted into. By the time I graduated from High School, I had pieces for string orchestra, choirs and solo piano performed in concert, was a member of every music group (ok, fine, I was a "band geek"... so what!). My own listening pleasures had expanded with the era, the 80's. I was listening to everything from Metallica to Madonna. But especially, was club music, freestyle... electronica (though it wasn't called that back then). I created my own "mixes" using a dual cassette recorder, because I could hear in my head how I would like songs to be re-arranged and made better.

By the time I graduated from college, I performed in several productions. I was the youngest Musical Director in the college's history for a major theatre production. I was a founding member and Musical Director for a sketch/improv comedy troupe, which honed not only my piano playing skills, but the ability to emphasize emotion through music, composed on the spot, based on what was going on onstage.

Since then, I've expanded my compositional horizons as well, but keep going back to my 'roots', if you will. I've had my tracks played at major area clubs, and I'm currently working on the score for a short film, as well.

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