Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter & producer Gary King's music has appeared regularly in film & tv, including "All About Us" and "Prom Night." Directed by award-winning indie filmmaker, Christine Swanson, 2007's "All About Us" featured an all-star cast including Ruby Dee, Boris Kodjoe, and Ryan Michelle Bathe, along with a cameo by Morgan Freeman. King wrote the title song for the movie. Prom Night was the No. 1 movie in America upon release in 2008.

King has notably worked as a session vocalist & and member of the renown Andrae Crouch gospel choir. He appeared most recently as part of the choir on "We Are Golden," a single off of Universal Music artist Mika's 2nd studio album. King also appeared as part of the choir at Michael Jackson's funeral ceremonies in 2009.

King has opened for Stevie Wonder and other major-label artists over the years, and his music has also appeared on MTV and other major cable networks. He's released two albums independently.

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Singer-songwriter & producer Gary King's soulful voice and classic songwriting are what you'd get if you threw Stevie Wonder's and Sting's songs together in a blender and pressed liquify: soul music with a hint of pop and rock, unified by a contemporary yet classic sound and a penchant for catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Before moving to Philly in 2013, King was a regular fixture in the Los Angeles music scene as a session vocalist, live performer, songwriter, and producer. His music has appeared in Film & TV, including movies such as "All About Us" and "Prom Night," (a No. 1 Weekend Box Office movie in 2008).

King's music can currently be heard on cable networks like Starz, VH1 Classic, Encore, DirectTV, FX, Chiller, and InDemand.

King was born and raised in American Samoa. His musical genes can be traced to his father's side: His dad was a country and western fiddler from Alabama in the 1930s who, legend has it, occasionally played with groups like the Sons of the Pioneers and at legendary venues like the Grand Ole Opry before it was actually the Grand Ole Opry. The teardrop in his voice he got from his mom, who was from the village of Saoluafata on the island of Upolu (a.k.a. the independent nation of "Samoa").

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