Frank Zirone - Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist
1979 – 1982
- Zero One Album - Anthem Records (Ray Daniels, Rush) – distributed by Capital Record in Canada
- Managed by Michael Cohl and Bill Ballard (exclusive Concert Promoters for Rolling Stones, U2)
1982 – 1986
- Hanover Fist Album - Metal of the Night / Hungry Eyes - MCA – Universal, Los Angeles (John Alexander, Tom Trumbo)
- Metal of the Night featured in Universal Movie release “The Wild Life”, and on soundtrack, Music Director Eddie Van Halen
- Managed by Butch Stone (Black Oak Arkansas, Krokus)
- Writing and recording songs alone and with collaborators.
- Recording and producing local talent by invitation.
Lennon and McCartney, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix,
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