Mike and John focus on an alternative acoustic/americana--folk/rock sound and play both piano/orchestra and acoustic/electric guitars. They like to bring harmonies up in the mix at times and experiment with quirky, restless lyrics. They've been friends all their lifes, despite having opposite personalities.

Major musical influences include the Beatles, REM, Ray LaMatagne, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Coldplay and Barenaked Ladies..

A scat outline of the duo

Mike and John focus on a duo sound with an emphasis on harmonies, melodies and lyrics. They enjoy writing an eclectic mix of songs from rock thru indie/alternative to pop styles, featuring piano and orchestral instruments in some to acoustic and electric guitar in others. They are bipolar driven and try to convey and inspire a range of emotions in their debut Cd (Peaceful Oblivion) from the silliness of "Nobody Home" [Me lost me wife today (the third one?) the third one, eh, (you crossed it up again)] to the contemplative anguish of "Prisoner" (Prisoner, I am not myself today, I am wasted all the time) to the off-centered apprehensions of “Cat Eyes” (I am confounded, I am contorted, I am demented, I am distorted) to the love appeals of ‘It’s REaL” (I can feel the feeling for you, and I know I’ll never find, someone half as good as you, I’m searching all my life).

Major musical influences include the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Billy Joel, James Taylor and Elton John as well, Counting Crows, REM and Barenaked Ladies. And they've been inspired by and appreciate the works and styles of many others, Coldplay and Kurt Cobbain.


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