Edinburgh based sub-urban funk with a twist of jazz and a dash of rock. The band have gigged across the UK and have had received great reviews in national press, websites across the globe and they have been highly rated by many industry insiders. Sales of their recordings have been sent to 14 countries worldwide.

Groovelutionis the culmination of 18 months in the life of the band. It builds on the critical success of Sugar with a raw bravado and brio that demonstrates how the band have grown and developed. It maintains all the bands trademark funk based grooves, melodies and hooks which made Sugar such a crowd-pleaser but does so with a confidence that is even more arresting and infectious.

The band themselves having been playing since childhood and have been in bands with each other for up to 15 years. This has been a major factor in their tight cohesive sound but fresh blood in the form of a new saxophonist and keyboard player bring a whole new dimension to their music.
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