I'm a singer /mostly a songwriter ( yes I have a day job) I haven't had my first cut yet. I have been writing songs for some time no luck so far getting cut.I have joined
song writing associations they were fun and I learned a few things. I had a major country singer take one of my songs and say he was going to record it but it hasen't happened so far. I hope some artist out there will like somthing and want to record and release it. I've been a member of broad jam for about 6 mo. and I have really injoyed it . There is some great talent out there and revewers are really nice and helpful. thank you reviewers for realizing that my recording skills and resorces are limited. I even have a few fans, that thrills me! This is fun!

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I do open mic nights, songwriter show cases etc. if any one would like to invite me. thanks doug
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