Think of poetry fused with music with a beat...with a twist of lime. I like my music raw. It's all about the lyrics to me....I would call my music "inner landscape" music, if there were a genre called that. My songs are written from life's experiences......happy, sad, elated, lonely, joyful, bitter, sweet, or a combination of all the above.
Long, Long Way on documentary film Rocky Roads University 2006
For a couple of years I've performed both solo and as a duo called "dazeofgrace" across southern B.C.
Song to be on soundslikecafe comp. CD Vol 16 (foghorn records Australia) Apr. 2007

"Love Never Sleeps" song was chosen for CD comp. "Groupies Suck Vol. 9", with No Cover magazine. (Barnes & Noble Feb. 2007)
song "Outside of Time" to be on soundslikecafe comp CD Vol 23 (foghorn records Australia) Sept. 2008 (with Eva Cassidy, and other artists...)

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This one made me could they know me that well?

"A little immature with lots of potential".....
(broadjam review for one of my songs)
My favorite saying has long been:
"True maturity is knowing when to be immature!"

UK Songwriting Competition 2007: 4 songs made it to the semi-finals
Uk Songwriting Comp. 2008...several songs made it to the semi-finals....

What's New?

What's New for Sharon Routley/Daze of Grace is a trophy for being in the top 5 (number 3) on
2012 rankings!

Sharon Grace Routley bio

"I first picked up a guitar about 5 years ago and thought "Where have you been all my life?" Learning someone else's covers was way too much work, and it just didn't meld with me. I started writing songs like they'd been there all long, they just hadn't materialized. ...I try to capture at least a little heart and soul of the things that life has shown me. If there were such a genre, my music could be called "inner landscape music."

Sharon's songs are raw....lyric -driven acoustic music along with a hand drum, giving it a cool beatnik vibe. For the last couple of years, she has performed both solo and as a duo called "dazeofgrace" across southern British Columbia. She has just released a CD November 2006 self titled "Sharon Grace Routley."

"What If"

My thoughts on life could kinda be summed up as follows:

What if there is more to life than what meets the eye,
What if life is like a hologram turned to the side...
What if things in the mirror are not quite what they appear....
What if saints turn to sinners, sinners to saints,
Guilt turns to innocence, innocence to guilt,
What if those drinking in knowledge are dying of thirst.
What if the first shall be last, the last shall be first.....

The Truth stood before for all to see, silently......waiting for me...
Nothing to say, what more could be said..
It speaks against the Voices......inside of my head.

(excerpts from a song I wrote entitled "What If" (unrecorded)


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Daze Of Grace/Sharon, Love Never Sleeps Indeed! Happy New Year With Best Wishes For Continued Success Wherever Life & The Music Leads You ... J Nelson K

Blessed be my Canadian brethren! Rumors of Glory are at hand. Go forth and multiply throughout the land. St. Nick

SHARON, Thank YOU for the review!I think your title is better than the one i gave it! CARELESSLY PLATONIC , I wish to put LOVE AND ROMANCE BACK INTO MUSIC! Tappin' Tommy

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Daze of Grace/Sharon Routley
over 30 days ago

You're very welcome!! Love your music, keep it up!

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