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This is the story of Dj RocnRol,the man that most of you know as Nash,Ricardo,DSP,Rick,Uncle Nash,Pretty Ricky,Ricardo Parham,Ricky,Nashville an now OLDHEAD.The story starts south of the border.Babtist hospital Clarksville county Nashville Tenn. the same hospital as Elvis Pressley.Childhood was the basic shit,single mom,projects;pops mia.I used to bang the pans together under the sink,so i always made beats.managed to get a pretty good education in spite of all of that,but i didnt get my street degree until i moved to the city of brotherly love,Philadelphia Pennslyvania,at the age of twelve i was dropped into to a world unlike anything i had ever known,lets face it,mom can only teach you so much at some point its hello world.My introduction to the streets was swift an dramatic,it involved hard drugs,crazy women, an some lessons that i still use today.But thats later i was tweleve years old when we first arrived in Philly,it was 1982 just before hip hop really started to pick up steam,2 years later or there abouts i first heard The Breaks by Kurtis Blow.It didnt really hit me then though i felt the same connection to the music that im sure most black kids did,it would be RUN-DMC that would light the fire for the music that still burns in me today.Rock box,King of Rock,Sucker MCs,those are my favorites.But my taste were formed by them all LL Cool J,Fat Boys,Beastie Boys,Kool Moe Dee,Whodini,Grandmaster Flash an The Furious Five,Roxanne Shanta,MC Shane,Slick Rick,Dougie Fresh,Bizz Markie,artist that i listened to as a teen this is also the time that i gained a small bit of my life exprience,running wit my boys being a knuckle head cost me alot,ma dukes is still pissed off about some of the shit i pulled.As strange as it might sound there was some kind of screwy benefit to the whole thing (juvie court,juvie jail,group homes).I spent alot of time in the boondocks wit white folk an they turned me on to classic rock,of course it wasnt so classic then.Jimmy Hendrix,The Doors,Lnyard Sknyard,The Stones i fell in love with it all,add some Rick James,Motley Crue,Bootsey Collins,Huey Lewis,Public Enemy an you can see why i will try anything.I firmly believe there is know set formula for success,its about how bad do you want it.After emerging from childhood not knowing my ass from a whole in the ground i proceded to continue to waste my life,but it was at this time that i met Matthew Curly Jones,(Mac Profitt).A producer twenty years ahead of his time.We formed a group we called Def Sinister Productions consiting of myself,Mac,Hardcore an Heavy.Macs twelve year old nephew.We made some great music during that time including the titles The Wizard,Riot In A Cage,Dream In Stereo an many many others.Being young an dum we never did anything with it all but we dreamed like everybody else.Like everything else in my life at that time it all fell apart soon enough after Mac suffered some mental issues,we all went our separate ways.It would be ten years before i would make any serious music again.Those years are a blurr an i sure hope i didnt do anything to bad.After i got tired of the bullshit,running the streets pushing my luck i finally had a enough,theres was a place i had heard about where a brother could start over an spread his wings a little bit it was Scranton it was a Godsend.It hasnt been all gravy there was a short stop in Harrisburg Pa. for some rehabilatation an another in Lancaster Pa. for some incarciration,in 2004 i hooked up wit my man Peety Brasco an released the joint Negro Spirituals not my best effort but it helped to keep the fire lit.So now we arrive at this point 2Step,Pound You,Homiee years of working an dreaming finally paying off.OLDHEAD is two an a half years of pulling togeather all of the best inside of me sharping polishing an preparing it just for you.LOOKOUT FOR THE OMA STREET TEAM.OneMoAgin Records.

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