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Fly Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Born Wise and Alisha Wise. Fly Entertainment is an organization dedicated to the presentation & preservation of Hip Hop at its finest. Fly Entertainment provides music from CEO of Fly Entertainment Born Wise and TATT2 Connection and also promotes music by other emcees and groups such as Tha Beggas, Hidden Aspects and Black Lotus. Dragonfly has over 15 years as a lyricist, producer and writer and tends to give the audience and fans something to ponder about with his quick style, great ear for sound and his lyrical content. With an inspiration from old school Hip Hop and Funk, Dragonfly is an emcee that will test the waters on any tracks with his lyrical stability and eagerness to write and perform good music and considers himself a great representation of the Hip Hop Genre. Alisha Wise also Known as "A Writer's Dream" is one of the main arteries to Fly Entertainment as Vice President with experience in networking, social marketing, management and creative design. Alisha is also a writer/poet/spoken word artist with Fly Entertainment.

For those who love and appreciate Hip Hop will understand that Fly Entertainment has through journey, music and self motivation developed a collection of music from an array of different lyrical and technical styles. With a target for Hip Hop, Fly Entertainment strives to work with signed/unsigned artists, groups, and musicians to create sounds that never have been heard before. Fly Entertainment has worked with artists from here in the United States to overseas and have created an underground and surface following of dedicated fans and supporters.

Whether its music straight from Fly Entertainments music rolodex, a mixed cd of your favorite industry beats, a collaboration with a group/artist, background music for a commercial, an endorsement for your favorite products or the theme song for a radio\video show, Fly Entertainment has the means and capability to handle it. Our goal is to promote Hip Hop to all sources and fans to create a networking system for all emcees to come together and collaborate with other musicians, deejay's and other emcees to create real Hip Hop via the internet which has come a very valuable tool in the Hip Hop industry.

Dragonfly Biography

Raised outside of Washington D.C, versatile Emcee, Writer and Producer Dragonfly combines his lyrical experience with sarcasm, reality and exceptional punch lines and accompanies that with silk smooth, funky and soulful melodies and trendy hooks. After writing for years, Dragonfly finally found his spot in the Hip hop game with group DC's The Beggas who released their first hit in 1995 entitled Super Natural (Dragonfly featured on Iron Wire & Super Natural) which still can be heard all over the country and overseas. In 1998, The Beggas were featured on the Wu-Tangs Clans certified gold compilation album, The Swarm- Vol. 1, with On the Strength (Featuring Dragonfly/The Beggas). Dragonfly paired up with Beggas members Long Axe and Bologah and the trio formed Black Lotus. While continuing their group projects, Dragonfly released a solo single in 2005 entitled Dry Tears (Goodness & Take Me) produced by Yukon Black and Ooh Aah. In 2005, Black Lotus released their debut album Lotus Notes including hits (18 to Party & Seen and Heard) which received rave reviews for its overwhelming feel and lyrics. In 2006, Dragonfly released his solo album entitled 9000 Miles which is a hip hop lyrical journey. In 2007, Dragonfly worked on several projects with other Emcees, Producers, Artists and Deejays and networked with artists overseas. In 2008, Dragonfly released his first solo mixed taped entitled Dragonslayer followed by his mixed cd entitled Swagger of a Drunken available on the Dat Piff website. In 2009, Dragonfly released his sophomore album, Verses: The Past to the Present, an Immaculate Conception of hip hop, rhythm and blue and soul. It ventures along the road of immortal funk with a variety of different textures symbolizing the growth of Dragonfly's mental development throughout his genre of emceeing. Dragonfly strays away from the abnormality of the normal everyday song with a determined idea to push the envelope with edgy concepts.

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