"Cliff Rubin's performances have the power to incite the spirit of love...People are touched, changed and inspired in his concerts and take home with them the feeling that they are capable of more love, hope and joy then they ever allowed themselves to know."
Sound Connections Jan. '07 issue

After a successful start in the music industry that included record deals with Warner Bros. and Delta Records, plus touring with notables such as Jimmy Buffet, Richie Havens, Taj Mahal and Bachman Turner Overdrive, a near death experience put an end to his early dreams.

Years of healing and reflection have brought him to a place of caring far more deeply than before his illness. His hard-earned knowledge of what's important in life and what's worth doing, expresses clearly through his new music. He is currently touring, with 100 dates across 15 states, while working on a new CD. You can listen to his newest songs at http://cliffsongs4you.com

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"First Steps" is Feel Good Song of the Month in May 2011. "Dreamers & Children" is number 1 on the top 10 Folk Chart Jan 2011. "More" Got 1st place in the July 2008 Lyric contest & September Lyric Contest!
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