Music has been a driving force throughout my life. I go to it less and less lately (as of October, 2009) because I find myself in a typical, dull, full-time job. Soon, once my house sells, I will quit my job and buy as much of my own time as I can to write, compose, record and perform music, and collaborate with my girl, Darcey on a multimedia project. Perhaps I will be able to sustain myself solely on my creative endeavors ... it's always worth the try. More music to come, so please stay tuned!

UPDATE: House sold, quitting job in late August 2010. Ready to go someplace new to compose and write. Looking for someplace special: conducive to the arts, private, spacious, beautiful. Anyone have any ideas? Willing to pay some rent, but also looking for someone who is a patron of the arts and wished to help out. Willing to trade services (I am very handy).
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over 30 days ago to Clifford James

I have included your son" Living in the moment" on my website for TaskForceFSX, we play Microsoft's Flight Simulator. I placed in the Home page. My site is International, people from all over the world will get to hear your song. I linked them to your profile page. See here...

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