Chico is doing big things

Chico is doing Big Things!

His new Solo album off his independent label, Big Brain Production, titled "Seen It All" packs a lot of ammo and heat. Set to be released September 15, 2009 through Best Buy and C.D. Baby online, Produced by Chico himself, "Seen It All" is about the trials, struggles, victories, and visions of Chico's life. Within this album you will learn about his upbringing, what drives Chico, his belief system from religion to his knowledge of business structure.

"Seen It All" is meant to grab the hearer's attention with hard and aggressive drums mixed with high energy melodies with true to life lyrics. They say Hip Hop is dead, let this be the resurrection of something more.

Chico was born in Jackson, Tennessee where he spent his childhood years until the weakness of his grandmother's age forced her to call his father who came and brought Chico to Benton Harbor, Michigan. Chico learned early on about the harsh reality of Benton Harbor Street life by hanging with his older cousins who bad habits soon rubbed off on Chico, but one good habit Chico had, which came from his mother, was the gift of music.

Chico joined his first rap group N.I.P (nigga in paradise) at age 13 and co wrote their first single "Chilling with the devil" a hood tale about always getting into mischief and trouble which was a reflection of Chico's life. After failed attempts at being a part of various rap groups, Chico decided, along with his brother, to form the group Larry boy's and released their first EP in 1999 titled "Welcome to the Slaughter Town". After multiple felony charges Chico was incarcerated in MDOC, but used his time wisely by studying about the business of music and became rich with knowledge. Chico is now on the road to stardom and with an album like "Seen it All", nothing shall get in his way of success.

He is truly King of all Kings.


over 30 days ago to Chico

Hi mate
I like your voice and your style even if I am not really a RAP fan in style.
I have a track which is a kinda ambient-trip Hop and I am looking for a corporation for this track.
I ve thinking about some MC stuff...
obviously U and me in the title.
orso I plan to submit the song for contests and if any success come up both of US ll share.
I ve done the music I ll need only the speeches MC stuff with lyrics.
I am looking for a contrasted lyrics can be shocking and emotional in the same time.
any kind of theme interested but not destrespectfully.
let me know if you R interested in I can send the track in mp3 to your mailbox to have a look U like and U wanna be involved in this project

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