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I would like to personally welcome all to my little space on the web. Here I will post my latest tracks along with some of my more popular tracks from the past. I hope you enjoy and don't be afraid to send your comments and feedback.

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JahReal AKA Skorpion

Jamell "Jah" Winn also referred to as Jah'real is a record producer,entrepreneur and rapper. Born November 13 in New York City where his childhood was spent in several boroughs of the city most notably the Bronx, Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jah's love for hip-hop music began when he first heard "Rock the Bells" by LL Cool J. By the age of 12 his first rap song was written, arranged and produced using a Casio SK-5. Jah's talent seemed to be instinctual because he was given no formal training. Jah's musical passions came from what he heard on local radio rap programs and from what he learned on the streets as well as other local up and coming rappers and DJ's.

By the age of 15, Jah met a local DJ by the name of Kashawn. From that moment on he began to hone his rapping, lyrical and writing skills. A few years later Jah hooked up with a local producer by the name of June-Bug who recorded a four song demo tape produced by Jah. The demo caught the attention of Cold Chillin's CEO Tyrone Williams. Unfortunately due to bad timing and circumstances the deal fell through and Jah decided quit rapping. Jah was drawn back to music after reading a Daily News Article about a small production company that wanted to buy rap verses and poems. Soon after he found success by selling a large number of songs from his catalog to Cool Breeze Records. With the profits from this venture Jah began to expand and he purchased a studio quality sampler and drum machine which allowed him to to make more hip hop tracks.

Since that time Jah has seen quit a bit of success. He produced a local hit titled "Really Doubt It" featuring reggae artist Vibes. He also worked with one of Christina Agulleria's producers Micheal Moore as well as several up and coming Bad Boy Artists. Jah also briefly opened and operated Attic studios which allowed up and coming artist to come and record their music. After mulling over the idea Jah attended Touro College's DMX program where he maintained a 3.8 GPA. The program exposed Jah to many genres of music and other technics of musical recording. Some of Jah's most recent work can be heard being played on MTV's Punk'd, Making the Band, Meet the Barkers and Pimp my Ride etc.

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