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Thanks for stopping by! The old adage 'I do not play music because I am happy - I am happy because I play music' shines true for me (Bryan Pickell, a.k.a. Beeson Keys). Professionally trained as a pianist, I've been writing and composing music for over 20 years.

I play a number of instruments and in addition to being on keys, my live shows now feature funny, upbeat acoustic guitar/vocal tunes. My first CD "Shining After Midnight" includes one hour of solo piano tracks perfect for meditation and relaxation.

I'll be releasing some new tracks in the Spring - quite different from my first CD, more acoustic pop than meditative relaxing.

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Toronto Songwriting Guild - 2012 Showcase
Feb. 22 @ C'est What (67 Front St. E., Toronto)
Featuring original music by guild members - come out for a great night of music!!


With over 30 years of playing the piano literally almost every day, the old adage 'I do not play music because I am happy; I am happy because I play music' shines true for Bryan (a.k.a. Beeson Keys).

For over twenty years he has turned to music composition as many do to a diary, creating an ever-evolving soundtrack of his private thoughts and experiences.

Although he loves to write and play music, becoming recognized as a recording artist was never a priority. The music was incredibly personal and, as he often jokes, cheaper than therapy. Having worked extensively as an artist manager and promoter in the world of rock 'n roll, there were no illusions of grandeur or instant success, either.

In 2004, Bryan recorded "The Midnight Demos", a ten-song demo CD. The feedback was so encouraging that in 2005 he made it available via a few independent music stores and the internet.

Hundreds of copies later, it was apparent that many others felt a special connection with the music; not uncommon were letters from listeners being moved to tears, and many humbling expressions of praise and gratitude.

In 2006 his debut CD "Shining After Midnight" was released. Featuring one hour of solo piano music perfect for meditation and relaxation, it has been embraced by massage therapists and yoga instructors from around the world.

At age twelve, Bryan was performing most weekends in a fine dining restaurant in his hometown of Goderich, Ontario. He began exploring songwriting around fifteen and a year later moved to Toronto to attend the Etobicoke School of the Arts, where he majored in piano and percussion.

Graduating from the Harris Institute with Honours in Recording Arts Management laid the foundation for a successful career in the music industry as an artist manager and promoter.

In 2004, a 3-year mystery illness was finally properly diagnosed as Lyme Disease. While frustrating and challenging on a number of levels, it was also the turning point in bringing the music focus back to his own material, and an experience that is directly responsible for the current availability of his recordings.

Bryan's other passions include entrepreneurship, reading, writing, volleyball and soapstone carving. He also operates a website that teaches people how to sell knowledge and information online (more info at:

Watch for his next CD, scheduled for release in Spring 2012.

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