One-man army, united and created to wage war on my psyche. Music is my weapon. Synthesizers and samplers, my ammunition. And you? The listener? You are the innocent, caught in the crossfire.

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"Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity" used by Capoeira Nation ( in Batizado Roda video on the Media page. Head on over and check it out for some sweet Capoeira action. More to come.


"I've always thought that creating an album never simply happens. It has to be a conscious decision. Throwing together a bunch of tracks that total up to an hour and calling it an album is haphazard at best. It may in fact be an album, but it won't have the cohesive feeling -- the feeling of perfection -- that something that was planned through and through would have. Something I've noticed about myself is that I write best when I focus on a theme. Thematic. Of, relating to, or being a theme. Might just be one of my favorite words. When I started working on this album, I was in a very dark place. Depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction with my life were common place in every passing hour of every passing day. Some say that music is an outlet for the soul and mind. It's a language that everyone can understand. It transcends all societal boundaries and touches you somewhere in a way that can't be put into words. You feel it. No, that's not right. You SENSE it. It reaches into your biology and takes ahold of each of the five senses you were given. I suppose it even goes beyond that, since it's difficult to say that animals comprehend music like we do. It's expression in its keenest and purest form. As I began to write song after song, starting with "Guilty," a song that has since been cut from the final tracklist, my depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction went away and my understanding of what I was truly feeling and expressing became more whole: darkness."

Dain Olsen has been musically active most of his life. His efforts under the moniker "Beatdrop" began in January of 2001 after he discovered the world of computer music software. Branching out from there, he taught himself many things about electronic music, including analog and FM synthesis, mastering techniques, audio manipulation and editing, and the fundamentals of music theory. He continues to strive for perfection, although he knows he will never achieve it. Music is simply an outlet for inspiration that finds its origins in things he sees, hears, tastes, and experiences in day-to-day life.


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