Fab Collabs

Cyndi Corkran
Something Always ~ with Frank Radice
New Age - Alternative
Plays: 271
Julia Schmidt
Will we survive this (duet) by Julia Schmidt / Adam Maxfield )
Pop - Rock
Plays: 291
Shadows Chasing Light ( W/ frank radice)
Country - Alternative
Plays: 144
Greg Lambert
The Lonely (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 358
Bradford Loomis
My Beloved
Folk - Americana
Plays: 160
The Other Side of Heartbreak
Pop - Classic
Plays: 307

Plays: 0
Douglas Amell
Keep The Silence (with Jeff Roberts)
Rock - Modern
Plays: 1,076
Sun Voyage
Believe Your Lies (Austin Tyler Collaboration)
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 159
Cyndi Corkran
Rocking Goddess Temple ~ with Starburst Music, LLC
Pop - Dreampop
Plays: 497
Cyndi Corkran
Sands of Fires ~ with Abram Band
World - Middle Eastern
Plays: 116
Donovan Tucker
I Know How Love Sounds
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 304
Cyndi Corkran
So bluE ~ with The Song Writers
Electronic - General
Plays: 440

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