Songs I could have written, but am glad You did!

Kristina Helene
How Could You?
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 136
Jennifer Haase
It's How We Love
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 6
Pretty Girl
Pop - Classic
Plays: 51

Plays: 0
Tracy Johnson
Sometimes Love is Fire
Pop - General
Plays: 754
Jeff Rauschl
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 65
Jeff Rauschl
No Swimming Here
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 116
Dianne MacAdam
I'm Screwed (Cause I Think I Love You)
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 842
Chocolate Cream
Rock - Americana
Plays: 108
Jeff Rauschl
On The Outside
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 47
Jen Thompson/The Crazy Daysies
Cheers To Gettin' Sober
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 9
Silent Mind
Saints and Sinners
Pop - Alternative
Plays: 23
Jim Pearson
Can you live without me?
Pop - Alternative
Plays: 20
Brooke Turner
Pop - General
Plays: 16

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