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Pegasus 303 is derived from the ancient Greek mythological flying horse, known as "Pegasus". The 303 part of the name come from the Acid sound produced by the Roland TB-303 bass line synth (which is not actually an instrument in P303s studio). Shhhhhhh! The jist and feel of the music created by Pegasus 303 has its Mecca of original House Music vibes expressed from neo form jungle break beats and old school Acid House grooves.

Since its inception in 1994 and despite a small internet following, Pegasus 303 has been basically dormant over the years. No live shows, no DJ sets, no CDs or 12 vinyl in the stores, but despite the lack of product and marketing Pegasus 303 has maintain a small but fairly loyal following of fans around the world. There are a few sites that have posted links to the P303 remix of Depeche Modes I Feel Loved which is a wonderful feeling that so many people enjoy it. The music of Pegasus 303 has been featured in independent films such as Two Coyotes and The King Of Clubs (unfortunately P303 hit the cutting room floor of Two Coyotes). In addition to indie films, P303 has also been featured in a promotion video for NBA great Chris Webber.

There have been several emails asking who the hell are you guys and why arent you more visible? Well that is a good question. Performing, marketing and pressing CDs or vinyl takes time money and guts! The reason I say guts, is much respect is due to indie artist that are out there doing it without the big labels and actually bringing good music to the people. It is difficult to work a 9 to 5 job, balance a family, rehearse, compose and market your band yet so many are doing it.


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Loving the sounds here... Big bass:)

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