My name is Ian C Bishop from N London UK. Now residing in Jersey City. Singer, songwriter first and fore most. Guitarist, clarinetist. Arranger and mixer. First band (Ultra Vivid Scene) signed to '4AD'. From there I moved from the UK to NYC's Lower e side. And cut my teeth as a guitarist with locals 'Bobbo'. Four years later on returning to the UK my own newly formed band 'Rosa Mota' signed to Beggars Banquet. Their fist release "Drag for a Drag" was released to acclaim and bemusement by the UK press.The awesome 2nd LP 'Wishful Sinking' was released on MUTE RECORDS in 96. 3rd & final album 'Bionic' recorded by Steve Albini at London's Abbey Road. After 3 albums,much touring & gigging & variouse singles & videos the band of 3 boys and 2 girls split. The cinematic and beautiful 'Horsepower' released 3 well received LP's. Magestic & intense, 'NX' recorded an albums worth of unreleased tracks that peak and soar combining the many disperate sounds of the previous bands.

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Curently residing in Jersey City, after several years back in London I moved back to the States in August 2010 & began working at the 'Git Cntr' on NYC's 14th St that November. Currently carrying out research for a written work of litteriture called 'All Day Hopelessly Distracted'. Currently working on new band project 'orphans' with local musicians in my area with a view to gigs & studio recording.
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Rodney Jensen
over 30 days ago to Ian C Bishop

Thanks for your review of "One Country Song"

Ian C Bishop
over 30 days ago to Ian C Bishop

3 new songs for you peeps to fill yr ears with. Since people seem to like my mellow side more I'm anxious to know what you think.
Binding Love Spell - Low life Scum- Electric arms and legs.

Happy listening... (I hope!?)

Ian C Bishop

3 Replies
over 30 days ago

Low Life Scum is a nice, slow track. Would be a good album ender, I think.

Great lyrics in Electric Arms and Legs.

Binding Love Spell I couldn't find, but I'm looking forward to hearing it!

Adam Maxfield
over 30 days ago

Hi Ian
Really liking Low life and electric, can't listen to Binding as its not on your list!!!
Really like the clean use of the chords you'd usually hear heavily distorted in a deftones style song - strangely they work well with the softer sung vocal, who'dve thunk it; you obviously LOL 5 stars from me.

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago

Ian, pet. You are a Wonder. Are you going to get back to playing live before you are dead? Manhattan is the Place, man! Knock em dead!

Ian - I just reviewed lazy bone.... very cool track - see you were with ultra vivid scene - wow interesting I have a promo copy cassette (red) - with special one lightning - etc on it...1990 release - that you - very cool...
I am going to listent to the other track here on your profile - new fan - dB+1 aka douglas Branson just north of NYC

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