My name is Fever Fortesque, but most folks call me Dead-Eye on account of I have one kinda normal green eye and one pas du tout normal blue eye that gives folks the willies. It ain't dead, it just sees things different. My cousin, Eric DuBois, calls it the Sight, and makes me a Sensitive, but it sure don't help get girls.

Eric is a Sensitive his own self, but his gift is for playing the guitar real purdy. He gets lots of girls. Eric can play just about anything you could think of, even Country-Western, if he gets a mind to.

Ne faire aucun mal,

Latest News

Big doins! We has been hired by the Art Director of the Art School is Savannah to play some, and I is teaching a course in Folk Art of the 21st Century. Eric be putting the band thru some paces to get em to play an look more purdy. We still be Florida Cracker boys, but we is livin the Big City Life, so Eric done changes our name as there be to manny dicks out there to shake a stick at! See you in Savannah!

Bonne Année!

How We Come To Be

I toll Eric we ain't dead yet, so what's with the Obituary, but he says we got to add one to be complete, so here goes.

I was born an orphan, as my momma passed birthin me, and my paw was already passed, which left MeMaw and me the only ones standing.

MeMaw took to me good though, even though I killed her Mary. She say I was such a happy baby, got her thru the worst of times.

Eric was borned same day as me, with living parents. They passed together shortly after. though, from a freak tornado that touch down where they be standing. The manse and Eric's sisters survived, but they was purdy young to be having a baby Eric to care for.

MeMaw raised us up mostly, and later Eric's sisters, Tami and Denise. MeMaw loved us to pieces, but not so the sisters. I do not believe they were ever happier than when MeMaw sent us to Art School in Atlanta.

Things was going pretty good at Art School. We was getting laid and drunk regular, and playing some. Eric took up Acting cause he say the girls is prettier and easier than Art girls. I did my paintings mostly, and kept myself to myself.

Just as we was gonna graduate someday, MeMaw up and dies. That broke us up not a little, on account of there went the only person who loved us in the entire world! Also, there went our bankroll.

PePaw left Eric's money in Trust for him with Eric's sisters, and MeMaw left her little all to the sisters to look after us after she passed. Eric gets his PePaws money when he makes 31. We are both making 24 this summer, so it seems a long row to hoe.

I ain't getting nothing from PePaw, as apparently we wasn't blood related. I am the first and possibly last Fotesque in the DuBois family line. My only prospects in Podunc is my girl, Becca, which seems unlikely, and Eric's sisters, which is just not right.

If it wasn't for the Loonies on Wednesdays and Johnny Dee, I don't think it would be worth going on living.

The End


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Tony R. Clef
over 30 days ago to Chartreuse Culotte

Dear Chartreuse, I remember you in that purple lacy gown long ago down south. Or is it i got a severed little head?

Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago to Chartreuse Culotte

THX for the 5 star on Doin' Just Fine guys!

calvin mcfarland
over 30 days ago to Chartreuse Culotte

Good job on your video Fever and Eric.

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