Whas up y'all? Here's the 4-1-1 on me:

I'm a classically trained pianist with Gospel and Jazz chops as well--equally versed in pop, rock, blues, country, and church music overall (I'm a third generation music teacher and Minister of Music) but I love rock and roll and even a little bit of rap and hip/hop. Been spending the last twenty years composing all kinds of music and seeking a publisher to get my songs consistently pitched and recorded. Open to collaboration, but comfortable by myself, too . . .I live to write hit songs, but my musical "wish list" is to write a film score.

I had a song recorded back in 1984 by the R&B/Disco artist, GLORIA GAYNOR--that song, "STRIVE," was released as a single and made it to the Billboard Top 100 in the Summer of 1984, as well as being released internationally (it was a hit in the UK too).

My goal is to write the best song and/or the best music that I can write . . and to write a better song than my last one!



Hey y'all . . .
Well, let's see---I'm a third generation pianist, choir director, music teacher, songwriter, and composer who literally loves, performs, and composes music from Bach to rock and everythang in-between . . .

I am a classically trained pianist with over 40 years of playing experience which encompasses the following musical genres: Classical, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Country, R&B, Funk/Soul, Polka/Ethnic, Reggae, and even some Rap/Hip-Hop. I earned a degree in Classical Piano from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in 1978, and I LOVE to rock out on a piano---but my true love is composition, and I write music for the church, as well as hit songs in the aforementioned genres.

I had my first song published/recorded back in 1984---my song, "STRIVE," was recorded by the R&B/Disco artist, GLORIA GAYNOR and was a featured single on her album, "I AM WHAT I AM" (on Silver Blue/CBS Records). The song was featured on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in the summer of 1984, and reached the Billboard Charts (#99), also in the summer of 1984. The song is still played throughout the world and used in commericals and on television.

I continue to write hit songs in various genres, and I am seeking a publisher to get my songs consistently published and recorded.

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Aremi Legard
over 30 days ago to JUICE

Hello! Thank you for your kind review for my song "Missed you". You are right, the vocal track has to be worked out a bit.
Just had a listen to some of your songs... cool work. All the best!! :-)

over 30 days ago to JUICE

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Tony James
over 30 days ago to JUICE

Hi Juice
Just listened to "Change of Address".
A terrific piece of music that I really loved. Great melodies and enjoyed it from start to finish. Look forward to listening to more.
best regards

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over 30 days ago

Hi Tony--
THANKS SO MUCH for your kind comments about my song, "CHANGE OF ADDRESS" . . . I have had varying comments about this song, and I do admit that it is still rather "rough" . . but I am always happy to have colleagues such as yourself take the time to listen to my music! I hope to hear your songs, as well . . .take care, and God bless you in all your endeavors!

Julius "JUICE" Davis

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