Thanks for checking on's about the music, the score, and of course, the state of mind at the time of escape. So lean back on the groovin' chaise, check your brain, and let your thoughts flow across ledgers.

Go with the flow. It's all about expression here.

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Steven Judge
over 30 days ago to Patrick Sullivan

Love Fire in the Cooker!
It's like Robert Plant meets KOA...

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Patrick Sullivan
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much. I just listened to your track: SQUEEZE A WHOLE LIFETIME and that is an exceptional track. It translates really well. Wowza!

Robert Wuagneux
over 30 days ago to Patrick Sullivan

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for the fine review of I found A Love...I am actually doing another version of this tune right now.
Peace, RW

Shawn M. Haney
over 30 days ago to Patrick Sullivan

hip, upbeat song.......strong rhythms and textures!!!!! nice experimentation of songcraft!

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Clean Clean

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